3rd International & 12th Iranian Conference on Bioinformatics Partners with SilicoGene

We are thrilled to announce a strategic collaboration between the 3rd International & 12th Iranian Conference on Bioinformatics and SilicoGene, an emerging leader in AI-driven omics analysis. SilicoGene has recently made a significant foray into the European Union, establishing its operations in the Netherlands following acceptance into the prestigious Dutch Startup Visa program.

The acceptance into this program serves as a testament to SilicoGene’s innovative approach and underscores the potential of its groundbreaking ideas. Leveraging its status as an alumnus of the AWS Build Accelerator, SilicoGene harnesses the robust and secure infrastructure provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its data analysis platforms. This not only ensures the utmost standards of data security but also enhances operational efficiency.

About SilicoGene

SilicoGene, an emerging AI-driven omics analysis provider, has made a notable entry into the European Union, starting its operations from the Netherlands after being accepted into the Dutch Startup Visa program. This acceptance not only marks a major milestone for the company but also highlights the innovation and potential of its ideas. As an alumnus of the AWS Build Accelerator, SilicoGene utilizes AWS’s secure and efficient infrastructure for its data analysis platforms, ensuring adherence to high standards of data security and operational efficiency. Focused on creating user-friendly tools for omics analysis, SilicoGene is dedicated to advancing personalized medicine and scientific research. The company’s commitment to innovation and collaboration signals its emergence as a promising contributor in the healthcare and research sectors.

For more information about SilicoGene and its AI platform, please visit

This collaboration marks an exciting step forward in our collective efforts to drive innovation and excellence in bioinformatics. We look forward to a fruitful partnership and the opportunity to advance the field together.

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